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This winter has been long and very cold in Vermont. Usually I would have come down with a severe case of cabin fever by now (April) but a return to painting has allowed me to spend studio time exploring new directions in my work and I am energized and excited.

I have always been intrigued by the patterns in Japanese lacquer work  and decided to try incorporating them into my work.  I begin by printing an uncarved woodblock in black ink. Then I make a small painting in the center of the print and surround it with a patterned border. 

A daily walk invariably supplies abundant inspiration for the paintings. As is so often the case, I find more subjects in simple everyday objects and scenes than I need to fulfill my objective of finishing two paintings each week for the coming year.

The project will culminate with an exhibit at Quaigh Design in Wilmington, VT in the summer of 2015.  For more information contact Quaigh Design: qdclmh@myfairpoint.net

I have completed illustrations for what will probably be my last picture book. Before We Eat, by Pat Brisson, follows the food we enjoy from the planting of the seed to the final appearance of dinner at a table of family and friends . This a true “Farm to Table” book which includes the work of the packers, truckers and supermarket clerks as well as those who tend and harvest the fruits and vegetables, catch the fish, raise the cattle and chickens and, of course, cook the meals.

 The publisher is Tilbury House from Thomaston, Maine.  It was a pleasure to work with the editors and staff at Tilbury House. 

$16.95 plus s/h- signed copies available


The Address Book

The Addess Book, featuring an updated format and with illustrations from A Farmer’s Alphabet, has, at long last, been reprinted by David R Godine.

$14.95 plus $3.00 s/h


I began making woodcut prints in 1968 in a small room in my home and decided to call my studio Farmhouse Press since that was an accurate description of the modest setting for my business.

From the beginning, I was determined to make my work depict the landscape surrounding my home on our hill farm in Vermont and the work (and play) that are required to sustain a rural life. I am tempted to call it a simple life, but that would hardly be accurate.

I wanted to make my work affordable and decided that it would be a one-woman operation. So when you order a print from me, it will be printed, hand painted, packaged and shipped by me. I print and paint each print when I receive the order. It may take me a couple of weeks to fill an order, but I am happy to honor a request for a “rush” order.

In addition to producing prints and note cards, I have illustrated more than 50 books, some of which are also available at this web site.



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