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I have illustrated over 50 books. In 1999, Snowflake Bentley, a picture book about Vermont's famous photographer of snow crystals won the Caldecott Award. All books will be signed, and an inscription is available upon request.

Snowflake Bentley, by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (published by Houghton Mifflin)

This book relates the life of one of Vermont's most colorful characters, Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley. Fascinated by snow as a child, he was determined to capture the incredible beauty of snow crystals in photographs for the enjoyment of all. This picture book, illustrated with hand colored woodcuts, follows his path to eventual success.

Snowflake Bentley won the 1999 Caldecott Award for the most distinguished picture book of the year.

10 1/2" X 10 1/4"
hardcover $16.00

The Man Who Lived Alone by Donald Hall (published by David R. Godine 1984)

New Hampshire poet Donald Hall creates a moving and believable portrait of an affectionate, eccentric man, from childhood to old age. It's a story about self-sufficiency and about solitude, about the difference between loneliness and being alone, about living and dying. It is illustrated with black and white woodcuts.

softcover $11.95

Sea Gifts by George Shannon

This book tells of a quiet man who spends his days gathering treasures from his sea coast home and living in harmony with nature. It is Illustrated with black and white woodcuts.

softcover $7.95

Kneeling Orion by Kate Barnes (published by David R. Godine 2004)

This book of poetry has black and white woodcuts at the beginning of each section.

"Kate Barnes' poems resonate the force of having lived a life filled with the joy of unexpected transcendent moments. Everything in the world's past and present strikes her as beautiful, just for belonging there." ~John Ashbery


A Dream of Dragons by Willem Lange, illustrated by Mary Azarian (published by Bunker Hill Press, NH 2011)


The Hound Dog's Haiku by Michael J. Rosen, illustrated by Mary Azarian (published by Candlewick, Boston, MA 2011)

This new book features 20 dog portraits accompanying haiku about the characteristics of each breed.

Before We Eat by Pat Brisson (published by Tibury House in Thomaston, Maine)

I have completed illustrations for what will probably be my last picture book. Before We Eat follows the food we enjoy from the planting of the seed to the final appearance of dinner at a table of family and friends . This a true “Farm to Table” book which includes the work of the packers, truckers and supermarket clerks as well as those who tend and harvest the fruits and vegetables, catch the fish, raise the cattle and chickens and, of course, cook the meals.

$16.95 plus s/h- signed copies available

The Address Book by Mary Azarian (reprinted by David R Godine)

The Addess Book, featuring an updated format and with illustrations from A Farmer’s Alphabet, has, at long last, been reprinted.

$14.95 plus $3.00 s/h

The books below are out of print, but limited numbers are available

Barn Cat by Carol P. Saul (published by Little Brown & Co. 1998 )

This book is a counting book in which a cat encounters various inhabitants of a farmyard. I enjoyed using my 22 lb. cat, Big Kitty, as a (sometimes reluctant) model for the main character. Illustrated with hand colored woodcuts.

10 1/4" X10 1/4" hardcover $15.95

Out of Print - Limited Quantities Available

A Gardener's Alphabet by Mary Azarian (published by Houghton Mifflin 2000)

This book is based on my ongoing passion for gardening. It is illustrated with hand colored woodcuts and is suitable for adults as well as children. I chose to focus on the process of gardening, including the frustrations as well as the joys of garden.

9 1/4" X 11" hardcover $16.00


Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel, by Leslie Connor (published by Houghton Mifflin 2004)

This is the story of a young immigrant named Miss Bridie. It is a tribute to the millions of immigrants who left their homes to begin anew in America, and an enchanting look at how one woman carves out a life with the help of a common shovel.

This book has received starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Booklist and The New York Times Book Review.


A Christmas Like Helen's by Natalie Kinsey Warnock (published by Houghton Mifflin 2004)

This is my second book with Vermont author Natalie Kinsey Warnock. I love Natalie's writing and working on this book was a great pleasure. It tells of life on a hill farm at the turn of the century and of the importance of family and community in a simple celebration of Christmas.

6"x8" - $16.00

Here Comes Darrell by Leda Schubert (published by Houghton Mifflin)

A quiet yet strong tribute to a community hero, Darrell, who plows drivewasys, digs foundations, and ponds, delivers firewood for his neighbors and helps keep the community safe and sound. At the end of the book, Darrell's neighbors find a way to return his years of care and concern.


Darwin by Alice McGinty (published by Houghton Mifflin)

Filled with the fascinating words of Charles Darwin, this picture biography reveals the assembling of a profound idea-the survival of the fittest. Two hundred years after his birth, one hundred and fifty years after the publication of his Origin of the Species, this thought-provoking, splendidly illustrated account invites us into the private thoughts and hopes and fears of a soul who forever changed the way we look at the world.

$18.00, signed copies available

The books below are currently out of print, but may become available again.
Please contact me for more information.



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